Reverend KIM University


The Urkim being that educational company has several achievements since its creation until these days:

  • Several diplomas (licensees) launched on the job market are working competently.
  • Since last year our university has pasted the first doctors of medicine.
  • URKIM offers scholarships to its students who distinguish each year
  • There are also para-academic activities
  • Urkim organizes dictation competitions and choirs at its two venues and the best winners are always awarded.

Awards Received

Since its existence, URKIM has always distinguished itself in several competitions organized in various fields (intellectual, cultural, sports)

Of all the awards already won, the greatest one worth mentioning is the one that published Rev. Kim as the best private university in sub-Saharan Africa.

The trophy brought joy not only to the university community of Rev. Kim but also from all over the Democratic Republic of Congo and Central Africa.