Reverend KIM University

Presentation and Mission

Reverend KIM University, "URKIM" in acronym is a social work of the Mission of Protestant Evangelization in Congo (MEPCO). It is a private institution and approved by Order No. 330/MINESU/CABMIN/MML/PK 2011 OF 13/10/2011 It is a university with a Christian vocation whose mission is the formation of a national Elite capable of meeting the needs of society. To achieve this, URKIM places special emphasis on Christian ethics in order to train this elite in the image of Christ with the aim of serving society in faith, hope and love.
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of the URKIM

Reverend KIM University, URKIM in acronym, is a private and accredited academic institution with a Christian vocation belonging to the Protestant Evangelization Mission in Congo (MEPCO in acronym) whose Promoter is a South Korean subject.

The URKIM (it) constitutes a scientific framework that offers many assets to face the many challenges of modernity. Through its educational system, it aims to train an elite that will never be complex even in contact with other academics.

Many visitors are wonderful to discover within the URKIM the following elements:
Modern buildings of high standing with spatial auditoriums offering good working conditions.
Modern computer labs well equipped with state-of-the-art HP core i7 computers.

Medical laboratory equipment without competition. (in total, two IT labs and 2 bio-medical labs)
Two studios to reconcile the theory and practice of radio and television
An ecological environment reminiscent of the image of the Garden of Eden.
In addition to these material assets, there are also human assets with a
competent scientific and academic body with remarkable know-how and interpersonal skills...